Our top 10 Gift Registry items for Baby!

1. Snuggle me organic lounger, with cover and puddle pad: Perfect for setting babe down in a comfy/ cozy spot. 

2. The Levo rocker: A beautiful & stylish rocker for your babe to relax in. You can pair the rocker with the toy arch for extra entertainment. 

3. Cuddle and Kind dolls: Each doll feeds 10 children in need, what a wonderful gift! The large size is perfect for measuring baby growth. We have 12 different dolls to choose from!

4. Three to four sleep gowns: Perfect for bedtime and perfect for those middle of the night changes.

5. Three to four zipper onesies: We love zippers for tiny bodies, makes getting dressed so much easier! 

6. Wild Baby Organic Jojoba Body Oil: Gentle and nourishing for sensitive baby skin. 

7. Healing Eczema balm: A beautiful cream to sooth sensitive bottoms. The best baby bum cream you’ll ever use. Diaper rash will disappear almost immediately. 

8. Loofa + baby shampoo/ body wash + hooded baby towel: The perfect combo for bath time. 

9. Bassinet + stand: It doesn’t get cuter then this. The bassinet is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Bring it to the beach or out to the backyard. 

10. One to two Cotton Muslim swaddles: The organic cotton swaddles from Avery Row are so soft and light.

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