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Our website is down; in an effort to save me (hopefully) some time I am going to use 1 website for both shops. 

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Daisy Market - Goods For Wild Hearts

Daisy Market is a haven that guides wild hearts on a journey of sustainable living. We invite conversation of a life that is gentle to the earth, and cultivate actions towards greener living.

Daisy Market invites the ease of a sustainable lifestyle by providing ethical, local and clean alternatives to everyday products.

We value compassion, honesty and kindness. We hope to inspire you to make the earth greener for not only your lifetime but generations beyond.

Daisy Market believes that a life that is whole and harmless shouldn’t be unattainable. We aim to not only provides the products but provide the experience of education through conversation and careful selection. We aim to carry essentials that become loyal to your lifestyle and gift you with education through community & conversation.

It is a space that welcomes and nurtures, in which people can begin or continue their journey of making the world a better place. 

Visit us at 200 Marsh St, Clarksburg ON

Cass & Annette,