Our top 10 Gift Registry items for Mom!

  1. Diaper bag, toiletry bag and Tavel change mat: everything you need for when you're on the go!
  2. Bath salts & body oil: For a relaxing & soothing bath (because you deserve it)!
  3. Haaka: Planning to breastfeed? This will be your bestfriend.
  4. Two to Three Nursing bras: We love the easy access these bras offer, and they are comfortable enough to sleep in.
  5. House of Jude Robe & scrunchie: Staying cozy is so important postpartum!
  6. Sacred Wildwood Eye Serum: This beautiful serum will help sooth those tired eyes.
  7. Mint cleaning all purpose scrub: This power house cleaning scrub will take care of all the stains coming your way!
  8. Daisy Market Unscented Laundry Detergent & wool dryer balls: Safe & gentle for babies skin.
  9. Postpartum journal & Thought Sanctuary Dreaming Oil: This pair is sure to make for a calming routine.
  10. Peri bottle, mesh undies + breast pads: Hospital bag essentials!

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