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Citi Collective was founded by Maria Lechner over 7 years ago when a problem she was facing became a creative outlet. "I couldn't find a diaper bag that fit my pre-mom style & had the functionality I needed for parenting so I created one," Maria reflects. She found she wasn't alone. After creating The Original Citi Explorer in Vintage Tan, she was stopped constantly to be asked, "Where did you get that backpack? Is it a diaper bag?"

"I was shocked how many other parents couldn't find a diaper bag they both (Mom & Dad) wanted to wear, was stylish, but also had the functionality parents need like organization, insulated pockets, and durability," Maria shared as the reason she decided to found Citi Collective.

A bag that was versatile & easy to clean was just as important as its style because Maria and her husband, Todd, love to travel & are always on-the-go locally. "We love getting out on hikes, going to events, & traveling but that means our life gets messy, especially with two boys! Our experiences helped craft what Citi Collective bags are today - Instagram-perfect style with real-life practically," Maria shared with a laugh.

Now 7+ years later, Maria is focused on ensuring Citi Collective is seen as a sophisticated, yet approachable brand who truly cares about their customers. Maria shared, "I want our diaper bags to help parents feel more confident and prepared as they go out on their daily adventures. Part of being confident is knowing you look great!"

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