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Bloem Lilac & Honeysuckle Body Oil

Bloem Lilac & Honeysuckle Body Oil

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Steep in the flowers

4oz / 120ml

Lilac is such a nostalgic smell, it instantly brings me back to childhood and hiding under its fragrant branches. The scent of lilac is difficult to capture; almost all lilac perfumes are synthetically created as its aroma is not extracted into alcohol, but only into fats. Its fragrance is mild but true. Combined with Honeysuckle gathered only a week earlier, this is a beautifully soft floral body oil. 

Body oiling itself is ancient. Anointing the body goes beyond perfuming or moisturizing though, there is something in the practice of it that goes deeper. We can dive into the power of touch (yes, even self touch), the benefits to the skin, the slowing down. 


Lilac flowers are cooling and astringent and have been used to tighten and tone the skin. They've also been used to treat rashes and various types of sensitive skin. 

Honeysuckle is anti-inflammatory and has been used to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, rashes and more. 

*Our products contain no essential oils. These are whole plant infused in a base of avocado oil. 

Add some to your bath or better yet, massage directly onto wet or dry skin. Allow some time to massage this beautiful oil in, connecting with yourself, spending time showing yourself love and affection. Wrap yourself in a robe and lay down, revelling in self compassion. 

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